Instructions for withdraw VRA Bizverse Social

VRA withdrawal feature has been integrated into the Bizverse World homepage. The video below will show you how to withdraw VRA.

You can deposit or withdraw on BIZVERSE WORLD.

  1. A minimum of 600 VRA is required for each withdrawal from the Social wallet to the Funding wallet.

  2. 600 VRA is the minimum VRA required for a single withdrawal from the Game wallet to the Funding wallet.

  3. Maximum amount of VRA that can be automatically withdrawn: 1000 (For VRA withdrawal transactions beyond this threshold, the system must examine them; the review duration is no longer than 48 hours.)

  4. VRA withdrawal transactions per day: 2

  5. Transfer VRA from your Funding wallet to your Game wallet in an infinite amount of VRA and at any moment. (Because this is a transaction with blockchain network latency, users should wait 5-30 seconds before pressing the Refresh button)

  6. Add an infinite number of VRAs and recharge times from the Social wallet to the Game wallet.

  7. Minimum VRA balance in-game wallet: 300

  8. Posts of 30 characters or more and comments of 15 characters or more are counted as earn

  9. In-game signup reward: 100 VRA

  10. Accounts without regular activity will not be accepted for withdrawals

  11. Accounts that post spam articles/comments or use spam mail in bulk to create referral accounts will be denied VRA payments and have their accounts BANNED

Note: VRA withdrawal and deposit are only available in the desktop web browser.

Currently, many users deploy spam activities as well as use invalid member invite tools, in these cases, they may be denied the VRA withdrawal order and further, the account will be locked. Please contact us if there is any confusion.

Visit Bizverse's Help center for more details: BIZVERSE'S HELP CENTER

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