Host Workflow

In RentALL, the host user can perform the following actions

  • List his Property

  • Manage the listings

  • Add payout information

  • View and export Transaction History

List Your Place

As a guest to list your property click on the host in the header and you will find the following 4 sub-lists

  • Manage Listings

  • List your Place

  • Your Reservations

  • Transaction History

To list your listing Click host -> List Your Place


STEP 1: Say your Place (Beds, bathrooms, location, amenities, and more)

STEP 2: Set the scene (photos, cover photo, short description and title)

STEP 3: Get ready for guests (Booking settings, calendar, price, etc) You can check out the detailed video here

STEP 1: Start with the basics


The host has to update the kind of the place they have such as the Guest Room, Private Room, Entire Place, Shared Room or Happy place

Next Host Should list out the number of guests

  1. Now Host has to list the kind of place they are listing

  • What type of property ( House, Apartment, Bed and Breakfast, House With garden)

  • What will guests have

  • How many total rooms does the property have

  • Is that personal home or not

2. Bedrooms

  • Next Step will be listing out the number of guests that can be accommodated by the host.

  • Number of Guests

  • Bedrooms that the guests can use

  • Types of the bed

  • Number of beds that guests can use

3. Baths - Host should list the number of bathrooms for his listing for the guest to use

4. Location

The host has to tell the full address of the listing so that guests will be able to access the location.

Country, Street Address, City, State, ZIP code should be provided.

The host has to locate the listing on the Map which will be helpful for the user to navigate.

5. Bizverse World Location

The host can add the link of the hotel's location on the Bizverse map, and can also add the link of each room in the hotel on Vr360 for guests to visit before checking in.

6. Amenities and Safety amenities information

Information regarding the amenities and safety amenities that are offered to the guests should be listed.

7. Shared Places

The host has to list the Kind of Places that guests can use in the property that is rented.

STEP 2: Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene - Photos, Set Cover Photo, Short description and Title

Hosts should Add photos about the listings, Set cover photo, Give a short description about the listing and add the title to it.

Setting the scene by the host will help the Guests to get an idea about the listing.


  1. Review of Guest Requirements

Require all guests to submit the following before they can book: Payment information, Agree to your house rules, tell you their trip purpose, confirmed email.

2. Set House rules

The host will be able to define how guests can book instantly.

3. Notice Period

The host has to list the notice period that they want before the guest’s check-in. The host will need time to prepare the place and it depends on the host's wish.

4. Booking Window

The host has to select the future dates which are available for the guests to book.

The host should also select the cancellation policy ( Flexible, Moderate, Strict).

5. Trip Length

The host should select the minimum night and maximum night and will be able to set the trip length so that guests can plan their booking in their listing.

6. Base Price

The host should set the base price for the night, cleaning price and the currency. ( Base Price is the default nightly price)

7. Update Your Calendar

The host will be able to see the booked dates, available dates, not available dates, a special price above the calendar.

The host can block the dates and make them unavailable for the guests.

Hosts can set the special price for certain dates which comes under the seasonal pricing. The host will be able to hike the price or lower the price based on the season. The calendar helps them to manage their listings booking.

8. Discounts

The host will be able to give weekly and monthly discounts for his listing. When guests plan for a long stay, the host will be able to give them discounts where it will help them get good reviews and rapport building will happen here.

9. The host can decide the type of booking (Instant / Request to Book) Host can set who can book Instantly which helps them to manage bookings. In addition, the host can also decide whether or not the guest can pay by paylater.

10. Local Laws

After Completion of all the 3 steps Now, the Host Listing will be ready to be published. Before publishing the listing host will be able to preview the listing.

So we will be able to see both the options Submit for verification and Preview Listing.

Preview Listing:

Now it’s time for the host to preview all the provided information and if they are happy they can publish the listings for the guest to book.

After publishing the listing we will be able to see our listing in Your Listing where we will be able to edit the listing and also preview the listing.

Edit listing will help us take to the page where we will find the 3 Steps and the host will be able to go to the step directly where he wants the changes to be made.

Manage Listings

Select Host ➔ Manage Listings available in the header to manage your listings.

Reservation Management:

The Host can view his upcoming and previous reservations here.

To reach here the host needs to click Host ➔ Your Reservations available in the header to view upcoming and previous reservations.

The Host can cancel the reservation, view receipt and message history here.

Hosts are given complete control for approving, rejecting and managing current reservations and bookings made by the guests with this host reservation feature of our RentALL.

Upcoming Reservations:

Previous Reservations:


RentALL supports two platform gateways Paypal and stripe which means the host can add his bank account details (stripe) or Paypal account to receive his payout amount.

The host needs to click on the Profile icon ➔ Account Settings available on the header.

Now select the “Add Payout” button available on the payout preferences tab to add the payout details. The host can add any number of payout accounts but he will receive the payout amount only to the account that has been set default here.

Transaction History

The Host can view the completed transaction, Future Transaction, Gross earnings and will be able to export to CSV.

Gross earnings - The gross amount that the host received for every completed reservation.

Completed Transaction - The host can view all the completed reservations for which he received the payouts.

Future Transactions - expected payout amount once a reservation is completed here.

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