Types of Gifts

The gifts in BIZGift are classified into three different categories:


NFTs are tokens that live on a blockchain and can be used to prove ownership of connected digital assets. NFTs provide a framework for attributing value to digital objects because they can be used to prove that someone is the rightful owner of a particular object. BIZGift Game uses NFTs as rewards. NFTs are used for trading at MarketPlace.


VRA represents the ownership of assets in the metaverse of the BIZVERSE ecosystem. VRA is a utility token. VRA is not quite a digital currency like BIVE, but instead, VRA is a form of the digital asset used internally within the BIZVERSE ecosystem.

Gift Card:

As a prepaid debit card, the Gift Card contains a prepaid amount for users to use in purchase and sale transactions (for example, voucher, coupon,...). Gift cards are only valid for exchange at the business that issued them.

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