Getting started with Bizverse Game Center

Login to Bizverse Game Center

  1. Make sure that you have a Bizverse Social account. If not, click Sign up and create one.

Features within user interface


Leaderboards let players participate in new competitions within the game and challenge other players to beat their scores. Players see how they rank among global players, as well as their Game Center friends. Recurring leaderboards are short-lived and expire, then repeat after a set time, such as daily, monthly, or weekly.


Game Center supports real-time and turn-based multiplayer functionality, helping players connect without leaving their game.


The inbox lets you easily chat with others in the game.


Achievements are special milestones that indicate when a player has successfully reached a particular goal in the game.


Game Center connects players inside and outside of the game. Players can start multiplayer games together, see where friends rank on a leaderboard and keep up with what their Game Center friends are playing in Game Center widgets.


Click Profile, the information will appear in the form of the following table:

Edit the personal information displayed in the game, including name and email address. You can choose to hide and show your personal information.

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