Creating Custom Avatar

In Bizverse My Space you can choose how you want to represent yourself. Select from any of the featured or newest avatars, or create your own.

Depending on how involved you'd like to get in the avatar creation process, you might choose to simply 're-skin' one of the base avatar bodies, or upload your own 3D model.

To 're-skin' your avatar in My Space

The most straightforward way to customize an avatar for Bizverse My Space is to upload a custom texture on one of the base robots. To do this:

  1. Enter a Bizverse My Space's Space.

  2. Select the "People" list icon in the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Click your name and then choose "Change Avatar" to open the avatar selection screen.

  4. From here, you can see a list of your own avatars, the first spot should say "Create Avatar".

  5. Click "Custom GLB" and upload a .glb file. If you want to design a custom texture for the robot skin, see the details below.

  6. Save the avatar.

Create your 3D Characters with Bizverse Social

Head to and login to your Bizverse Social account, click Account settings on the top right corner of the screen and choose "Edit".

In User Settings, find and click "Avatar 3D Character" on the right panel, you can create Full Body 3D Character for use in Map3D, VR or Half Body 3D Character to use in My Space.

Create 3D Character

Click "Create 3D Character", Half Body 3D Character creation panel will show up:

Step 1 - Choose your body type: Masculine, Feminine or Don't specify, if you already have an avatar just click "Sign in with Ready Player Me"

Step 2 - Photo: You can auto-create your Half Body 3D Character by taking a photo of yourself with the camera on your device by clicking "Take a photo" or upload an image file, if you don't want to, just click "Continue without a photo"

Step 3 - Customize: You can customize your avatar's hair, nose, eyes, skin color, clothes... with custom bar. When you finish editing your avatar, click the arrow button on the top right and submit your email to receive your avatar file through email or click "Continue without Sign-up" to save your Half Body 3D Character glb url or download .glb file.

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