• To register to give gifts, your business needs to set up a store address on the business's page. This address is the place where the gift will appear. So check your address correctly.

  • The business must guarantee a balance of VRA and NFT when registering to give gifts (for VRA and NFT).

  • The system does not charge any fee for gift registration and gift card selection.


  • To join BIZGift Game, players need to access the location on their Mobile phones.

  • Within a radius of 5 meters to 10 meters, players can see the number of other players.

  • Each account can only hunt gifts at the same shop once a day

Scan QR Code

The QR code includes information such as the event's URL, time and location, description, the introduction of gifts.

  • Business scans QR codes to confirm gift-giving to players.

  • The player scans the QR code to confirm the gift's ID with the store's ID.

When the player scans the QR Code to receive a gift from the Gift card, if the business has a bonus of VRA, the VRA will also be added to the player's Game Wallet.

Each type of gift will automatically be transferred to the corresponding location. NFTs are moved to My Inventory, VRA is moved to Game Wallet.

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