What is the capacity of a Bizverse 360 Space's Space?

We recommend a maximum of 25 in-room participants. This capacity is the default because low-power devices, such as mobile phones and standalone VR headsets, may begin experiencing performance issues in busier Spaces. You can adjust the Space capacity in the Space settings menu.

Once a Space is full, all additional users (participant #26 and beyond) can still participate by watching from the lobby. Users in the lobby can see and hear what's happening in the Space and interact via text chat; however, they are not represented as avatars in the Space and their mic is not active. There is no hard limit on lobby capacity, however, performance may decrease once there are over one hundred people in the lobby.

If you want to scale Bizverse 360 Space for a larger event we recommend splitting crowds into multiple Spaces with smaller groups or live streaming the event, depending on the use case.

For more information on setting up Bizverse 360 Space for large events, we recommend exploring Bizverse 360 Space Cloud as an option for your organization's event needs.

How long does a Bizverse 360 Space's Space last?

Bizverse 360 Space's Spaces stay open forever unless you choose the "Close Room" option from the dropdown menu. Unless a Space has been "closed", you will always be able to use the URL to revisit your Space. If you plan to revisit a Space, you might like to add it to your favorites for easy access.

Can I play video content in Bizverse 360 Space?

Bizverse 360 Space has the ability to play videos in the Space, which allows you to watch with friends or live stream content from an existing stream. For videos, Bizverse 360 Space supports standard video formats. Live stream content is supported in the HLS format. You can embed videos from popular video hosting websites like Vimeo, YouTube, and Twitch, but due to high load, these may sometimes be unreliable. For mission-critical content, we recommend hosting videos on the Bizverse 360 Space servers by uploading them to your Bizverse 360 Space's Space (there is a 128MB size limit for these videos) or using a hosting provider like Amazon S3.

Where does the chat log go?

The chat log only exists temporarily. Messages disappear after a set period of time. We are working on developing chat scrollback.

Can I share a PowerPoint presentation in Bizverse 360 Space?

Bizverse 360 Space is great for giving presentations. Supported media types are PDF files, images, 3D models, audio, video, webcam input, and screen sharing.

To use a PowerPoint in Bizverse 360 Space, you can convert it to a PDF file and import it directly into Bizverse 360 Space, or you can use screen sharing to stream a view of your presentation into Bizverse 360 Space.

Is it possible to have my video or slides show up in a good place (like on a wall) automatically?

Precise positioning using the object controls in Bizverse 360 Space can be a bit tricky at the moment.

You may find it easier to resize and place objects when using Bizverse 360 Space in VR. If you are setting up a Space on desktop, we recommend directly facing the surface you wish to place your media on when importing the files. To move the media into position, you may find you have more control if you click on the object with your mouse to grab it, and then move it into place using the WASD keys.

What devices does Bizverse 360 Space run on?

Because it runs in the browser, Bizverse 360 Space is very cross-platform compatible. It works on mobile, desktop, and VR devices, and runs on most modern browsers. For more information check out the supported devices & browsers section.

Why are lines on my drawings disappearing?

There is a maximum number of lines that can be included in drawings using the pen tool. Once the limit is reached, the first lines will start to disappear. To prevent this, periodically open the object menu on your drawing, and press the "create" button (magic wand). This will turn your drawing into an object, and reset your line count to 0.

Can I create custom environments?

It only for Bizverse Pro at my360bizverse.world, you can not create your 3D scene at 360bizverse.world, it's only for use in VR Meeting and VR Space with Built-in scenarios by Bizverse Teams

How do I record my event in Bizverse 360 Space?

We recommend using screen recording software like OBS to capture events in Bizverse 360 Space. To hide the user interface when recording, you can press the backtick key ( ` ), or turn on camera mode.

Can I import 3D models from [other software]?

Bizverse 360 Space supports importing glTF binary (.glb) models. If the tool you use doesn't create .glb files, we recommend using a tool like Blender to convert your model.

Is it possible to create my own avatar?

For sure! We love seeing custom avatars. You can either re-skin the default avatars or upload your own 3D model (.glb). For more information check out the Creating Custom Avatars section.

Yes, just copy and paste a link for one Bizverse 360 Space's Space into another (or paste the URL into the Bizverse 360 Space chat box and press the little magic wand icon). Due to browser limitations, when you open the new Bizverse 360 Space's Space you have to go through the "Join Room" process again.

Can I prevent other people in the Space from drawing, controlling slides/videos, etc?

If you are the Space moderator you can turn these on/off by going to Space Settings in the dropdown menu.

Is there a laser pointer tool in VR?

The pen in Bizverse 360 Space doubles as a laser pointer tool. When the pen is emitting a laser, you and others will see a line going from your avatar in the direction you are pointing.

How do I fly?

You can type /fly in the text chat box, or press G on desktop, or press down on the joystick in Quest.

How do I access the text chat box & preferences on Quest?

You need to leave VR mode to access the text chat box & preferences on Quest. Press the home button on your controller and "quit" VR.

Why do things disappear when I leave the Space?

Check out the troubleshooting section.

When I load a Space, I get an error saying unable to connect to Space. Help!

Check out the troubleshooting section.

Why is there echo in the Space?

Check out the troubleshooting section.

How much does Bizverse 360 Space cost for an event?

Creating private Spaces on 360bizverse.world is free!

If you are interested in hosting an event, or would like to create a customized Bizverse environment on your own infrastructure/domain, check out Bizverse 360 Space Cloud or send email to info@bizverse.world so that we can provided tailored information for your event needs.

Can I run custom code in a Bizverse 360 Space's Space?

You can't run custom code in the main Bizverse 360 Space website (360bizverse.world) but you can add your own if you self-host using Bizverse 360 Space Cloud (see previous answers). To add custom code you will need to create your own custom fork of the Bizverse 360 Space Cloud client.

Is it possible for me to create a custom version of Bizverse 360 Space which has different features or styling?

See previous answer.

Can I run my virtual event in Bizverse 360 Space?

If you have questions about whether Bizverse 360 Space will be a good fit for your event, drop by our office-hours or meetup to speak to a member of our team. See our community Discord chat server for the schedule.

Need help with something else?

If you can't find what you need in the rest of the documentation, send email to info@bizverse.world to get in touch.

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