How to claim purchased BIVE token?

To Claim BIVE Tokens, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:

Get Started


  • Make sure the network is BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

  • Connect to a registered wallet address, which you confirmed with Bizverse Team

(Make sure that you have downloaded and had a MetaMask account. (Note: The website does not allow claiming tokens on mobile. Therefore, you must use MetaMask on computer). More detail here

2. Connected wallet to MetaMask, you will be in 2 cases:

  • If the user is not in any token rounds, the page will display a table like this.

  • If the user's account already has token rounds, the page will display a table like this.

The information in the table includes Round, Registered Amount, Released Amount, Remaining, Available.

  • Round: name round (Ex: Seed, Private,...)

  • Registered Amount (Total Amount): total tokens purchased by users

  • Released Amount: number of tokens the user received

  • Remaining: number of tokens that have not been unlocked

  • Available: number of tokens available to receive

Step 2: Claim BIVE Tokens

  1. After the transaction, the tokens from Available will be added to the Released Amount.

Other Functions

Check the number of tokens available by clicking on the Metamask icon, clicking Assets.

Users can only receive tokens after a certain period of time, so after receiving, users can't receive more at that round immediately. The Claim button of other rounds will not be available while receiving tokens in a certain round.

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