BIZGift Game Interface

2D Character:

Bizverse uses 2D models for the characters. When logging into the system, players can choose and set up characters according to their personal style. When the player moves in reality, their 2D character will also move in the Game's Map.


The system built Game's Map, which is based on Mapbox.

In the bottom right corner. When the player moves in different directions, the compass moves along, helping the player determine the direction they are moving.

Zoom in/ Zoom out:

In the bottom right corner. Allows players to zoom in or zoom out for detailed/overall views on the Map.

Rotate Left/ Right:

Allows players to rotate left or rotate right instead of swiping directly on the Map to rotate.

In the upper right corner. Players use it in case they want to find their current location quickly when they are going to some places on the Map.


In the bottom right corner. Direct the player to a corresponding location.

Gift's position:

When Business registers to give gifts on the system, their gifts will appear at their address on the map. Users only see these gifts within a 30km radius when zoomed out.

Gifts will appear on the map in 2D for users to recognize and collect. When players have collected, a successful collection message will be displayed with information including ID, image (for NFT, the corresponding model with description); (for Gift card, there will be a QR Code on it).

My Gift:

In the top right corner. Displayed as a wallet icon, it will manage the player's collected gifts.


In the top right corner. Displayed as a bell icon, here user will get all notifications about BIZGift.


Includes information about attractive gifts that players can receive.


In the top right corner, next to the notification icon. Here is the event information in BIZGift. (Example: Store A will have a gift-giving program on....).

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