Building Your Private Space with Bizverse Space Studio

Want to build custom VR worlds for My Space Bizverse? Meet Bizverse Space Studio!👋 (it only for Bizverse Pro at, you can not create your 3D scene at, it's only for use in VR Meeting and VR Space with Built-in scenarios by Bizverse Teams)

Bizverse Space Studio is an online 3D scene editor. With Bizverse Space Studio you can build your environments using 3D models, architecture kit pieces, lights, images, videos, and more. Once your scene is ready, you can upload it to Bizverse, or export it as a glTF 3D model.

✏️ Create

No external software or 3D modeling experience required — build 3D scenes using the Bizverse Space Studio web editor so you can have a space that's entirely custom to your needs. From a board room to outer space and beyond, your space is in your control.

🔭 Discover

Explore images, videos, and 3D models from around the web, all without opening up a new tab. With media integrations from Sketchfab and Google Poly, you'll be on your way to creating a scene in no time.

🎉 Share

Invite people to meet in your new space by publishing your content to Bizverse immediately. With just a few clicks, you'll have a world of your own to experience and share — all from your browser.

Getting started

To build your first custom 3D environments check out Spoke's interactive tutorial.

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