Bizverse's admin pool is active for X days. Each cycle will record the revenue during the period and share it with the members participating in that cycle.

The main components of the Administration Pool

  • Ongoing cycle: time and parameters of the current cycle, information about the account participating in Grow and the expected reward;

  • Revenue sharing history: Information on cycles that have taken place;

  • Proposal: the system's important proposals need to be approved by the community Voting (the Voting section above)

At 0:00 UTC on the first day of the cycle, the system will fix the number of BIVEs of users participating in the Administration Pool (the number of BIVEs that users have joined Grow for 12 months). The number of BIVEs will determine each member's reward rate.

Current Admin Pool information:

  • Total number of BIVEs participating in the cycle;

  • Number of people participating in the cycle;

  • Cycle time;

  • Shared volume for the Admin Pool;

User's Grow Information:

  • Number of BIVEs participating in Grow in the Admin pool;

  • Shared rate;

  • Expected reward;

What do users need to do?

To participate in the reward, users need to join the Grow BIVE 12-month package and join the Administration Pool before 0:00 UTC on the first day of a cycle.

The system will pay the bonus for the previous cycle within the first 7 days of the next cycle.

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