Use Bizverse Video Meet on Mobile

Download Bizverse app

You can download BIZVERSE app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android ):

  1. Enter Bizverse into the search bar to find this app;

  2. Tap Setting or Install;

  3. The app will download then automatically be added to your menu and your home screen. Choose it to start using.

Create a new room

You can create a Bizverse meeting room in the following steps:

  1. On the first interface, select Get started. Choose Home -> Bizverse Meet;

  2. Enter room name and user name in the bars that appear on the screen;

  3. Click Start Meeting.

Join a meeting

When you are ready to invite others, you can click More, choose Invite someone and send meeting's detail to Email address or other apps.

If you are invited to the meeting, you can enter the room name and your name in the bars, click Start Meeting to join.


Bizverse Meet on mobile integrates the same basic features with the web version. Users are also supported by many advanced features such as: Share a Youtube video, Mute everyone, Disable everyone's camera,...

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