Use Full Body Avatar created on Bizverse Social to join Space

Bizverse Social supports the feature of creating Full Body Avatars to access Space. Implementation steps:

Create Full Body Avatar at Bizverse Social

Step 1: Access and log in to Bizverse Social.

Step 2: Click on Avatar, select "GENERAL SETTING" then select "AVATAR 3D CHARACTER" and click "FULL BODY 3D CHARACTER"

Step 3: Make yourself a 3D Character (customize the character: Hair, clothes, skin color,..)

Step 4: After creating, click “SAVE” to finish creating the 3D character. Now you can use 3D characters to join Space (allowing to copy the created character link to share or join by avatar link)

Use Full Body Avatar to join Space

Step 1: Access and log in to Space.

Step 2: When participating in Space, you choose Avatar (which is a 3D character created at Social) or paste the created character link.

Step 3: Access Space with the created character.

In the process of joining Space, you can change your Avatar with the following operations:

Step 1: In the Menu bar, click More function, then select the function "CHANGE NAME & AVATAR."

Step 2: Click "CHANGE AVATAR" to proceed to change Avatar (Can use the system's sample Avatars, created Avatar, or paste glb link)

Step 3: After selecting the new Avatar, click "ACCEPT" to complete the creation. Now you change the Avatar successfully.

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