My Space Settings

Change the Scene

There are lots of scenes to choose from in our featured scenes browser. You can also upload your own using our scene editor, Bizverse Space Studio. If you are a Space moderator, find the scene browser by opening the dropdown menu and selecting "Choose a Scene".

Change Space Name

To change the name of a Space, Space moderators can select "Room Info and Settings" from the dropdown menu then click "Edit" and enter a new name.

Space Permissions

By default, Spaces are set to "Shared link" mode, where Space links contain unique, random identifiers. Sharing this link will give anyone access to the Space. You can also set the Space to "Invite only" mode, which allows you to generate a link with an additional unique, random identifier. Visitors must then use this invite link to access the Space, and the invite link can be revoked to deny future access to the Space. When an invite link is revoked, a new one is generated in its place. Users who are already in the Space will not be removed from it.

Note: You can also switch from "Invite only" mode back to "Shared link" mode. Since "Shared link" mode is less restrictive, it will allow users with previously revoked invite links to access the Space. If you want to prevent this, keep the Space in "Invite only" mode.

You can specify whether users in the Space are able to create and move objects, create cameras, pin content, draw with the pen, create emoji, and fly. By default, all these features are enabled. To toggle them select "Room Info and Settings" from the dropdown menu, click "Edit" and set the permissions you want.

Promoting Space Moderators

When in a Space with other trusted users, the Space owner can promote other users to also have moderation permissions. Promoted moderators have all of the same permissions as a Space owner. It is important to ensure that users who are promoted to moderator are trusted parties, as they will have abilities to rename, change scenes, and close the Space.

To promote a user to moderator, select the user from the user list and click the "Promote" button. Users need to be signed in to be promoted.

Maximum Capacity

Bizverse My Space's Spaces have a maximum capacity of 25 people in-room to ensure performance across devices. However, many more can watch from the lobby, even when the Space is full.

Users in the lobby can see and hear what's going on inside the Space and can interact with others through chat. If a Space is full, we recommend turning on "Camera Mode" to broadcast a moderator's view to the lobby.

Camera Mode

Camera mode broadcasts a moderator's view to the lobby. This allows users who haven't entered the Space to see what's going on in the virtual space from the moderator's point of view. To turn on "Camera Mode" select it from the dropdown menu.

Entering camera mode also reveals a button to hide the user interface. This can be helpful when doing screen recordings of an event. Press Esc to show the user interface again.

Kick Users

To temporarily kick a user from the Space, open the avatar menu and select "Kick."

Favorite Rooms

Add a Space to your list of favorites by opening up the 'More' menu and clicking "Favorite Room". Adding a room to your favorites makes it easier to find again by adding it to your home Bizverse My Space screen.

To remove the Space from your favorites, open the Space, open the 'More' menu, and click 'Unfavorite Room'.

Close a Room

When you leave a Space, it remains accessible via its URL. You can choose to permanently close the Space by selecting "Close Room" from the dropdown menu. Links and codes for the Space will no longer work for anyone, including the Space owner.

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