User Settings

Changing Name and Avatar

The first time you enter a My Space you will choose a name and an avatar. You can change them at any time by clicking the 'People' menu in the top left corner of the screen and selecting your own name from the list.

Use one of our featured avatars or upload your own.

My Avatars

For quick access to your favorite avatars, you can save them to "My Avatars" for quick access. Press the "Copy to my Avatars" icon associated with the avatar in the avatar selection screen.

User Preferences

Advanced user preferences (e.g., media volume, movement controls, graphics resolution, etc), can be found in the user preferences section of the dropdown menu.

User Accounts

You don't need an account to use Bizverse My Space, but some features are only available if you sign in. These include:

  • Uploading custom avatars.

  • Saving avatars to "My Avatars".

  • Changing scenes.

  • Uploading custom scenes.

  • Pinning objects in a Space.

  • Using Space moderation tools.

  • Saving Spaces to favorites.

To set up an account, the only information we require is an email address.

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