Basic options

  1. Mute: Toggles your microphone on/off.

  2. Camera: Toggles your camera on/off.

  3. Share screen: Enables you to share your desktop, webcam, or phone camera with room members. The shared media will appear like a video in the room. Click this button again or use the object menu to remove the media.

  4. Chat: Make meetings more engaging with live messaging during calls. To share files, links, and other messages with participants, click the chat icon. Messages are only available during the meeting. You can also create a poll in chat and polls.

  5. Raise/ lower your hand: Participants can raise their hand to notify the moderator they want to speak.

  6. Participants: Displays information on the people in the room and lobby. Shows the number of room members, their names, and their device type. You can also access advanced user controls from this list.

  7. More actions: Opens a panel to display additional commands that are available. From this menu, you can favorite a room, modify your user preferences, access help, and other settings. If you are the room owner, this menu will also include settings related to the room permissions and current scene.

  8. Leave: Leave the current room that you are in.

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