How to create and sell NFTs on MarketPlace

Step 1: Set up your wallet

Step 2: Create your collection

Step 3: Add your NFTs

Step 4: List them for sale

Create Collection

Click Create Collection, then enters information to create a new Collection.

  • Avatar: the representative image of the Collection (350 x 350 recommended)

  • Cover: cover art of the collection (1400 x 350 recommended)

  • Collection Name: the name of the collection

  • Creator earning (collect a fee when user resell an item you originally created): set % received when other User sells NFT created by User in Collection.

  • Description: descriptive information about the collection (max 1000 words)

Note: Only Pro Level Gold users can create Collections and have a certain number of collection creations for each Level.

Create NFT

Click Create NFT and select the type of NFT you want to create: vrMalls, vrHomes, vrExpos, vrBanners, 3D/ AR/VR NFTs, vrSpace, vrAsset, Digital Human. Once selected, the NFT type will be divided into 2 types:

  • From template

  • Custom

For From template users will pay after choosing for themselves an NFT based on NFT's templates (after payment, NFT will return to Inventory).

For Custom, the user must go through an Admin approval step, before minting NFT (paid), and after minting a new NFT on the User's Inventory.

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