BIZGift Game on Bizverse Social

BIZVERSE develops BizGift Game with the desire to bring users interesting experiences. This virtual reality game is not only for entertainment but also as a way of communication to help businesses increase brand awareness.

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Types of Gifts

The gifts in BizGift are classified into three different categories:


NFTs are tokens that live on a blockchain and can be used to prove ownership of connected digital assets. NFTs provide a framework for attributing value to digital objects because they can be used to prove that someone is the rightful owner of a particular object. BizGift Game uses NFTs as rewards. NFTs are used for trading at MarketPlace.


VRA represents the ownership of assets in the metaverse of the BIZVERSE ecosystem. VRA is a utility token. VRA is not quite a digital currency like BIVE but instead, VRA is a form of digital asset used internally within the BIZVERSE ecosystem.

Gift Card

As a prepaid debit card, the Gift Card contains a prepaid amount for users to use in purchase and sale transactions (for example: voucher, coupon,...). Gift cards are only valid for exchange at the business that issued them.

Create a BIZGift on Bizverse Social

  1. Create a Page for the business before registering to give gifts. (See how to create a page at Creating a Bizverse Social Page).

  2. Update the exact address of the business. This is an important step because the gifts will appear on the player's map at this location. (See how to Update page's information)

  3. Fill in all information about gifts in the registration form including gift name, program time, type of gift, quantity.

  4. Choose type of Gift:

  • NFTs: Choose NFTs from My Inventory. The selected NFTs as gifts cannot be used anymore.

  • VRA: The number of VRA selected as gifts will be deducted from Game Wallet. In case the wallet does not have enough VRA, the business has to pay more money.

  • Gift Card: Select a gift card template from the system and enter promotional information. Businesses can optionally add VRA in their Gift card.

Using BIZGift

After creating Gift on Bizverse Social, users can use it on BIZGift Game app (See more about BIZGift Game app and how to use Gift)

Gift Manager

After successfully registering to give gifts on the system, User Business will have their gift config part. Includes setting parameters:

  • Time for the gift to appear.

  • The number of gifts appearing corresponds to the timeline.

  • This section will also show a notification about the number of gifts the player has collected, the number of gift cards redeemed.

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