Product features that make our product distinctive

1. Social Bizverse login

Guests can easily log in to the dashboard by using their social Bizverse profiles. The usage of social Bizverse keeps us away from the curse of “password fatigue” and exhibits a user-friendly login.

2. Guest Verification

Authentication builds integrity in a website as well as trust for website users. Each guest (or users) should complete a verification process before making any reservations. The host will easily accept the bookings of a verified guest once they go through the details.

3. Guest dashboard

Guests can easily manage their reservations and trips using Manage listings. Guests are allowed to view and manage their previous trips, upcoming trips, wish list, transactions history, ratings and reviews.

4. Booking Options

Guests can choose either “Request to Book” or “Instant Booking” options based on the preferences set up by the host.

5. Search & Filter

Advanced search and filters option is provided for the guest to get the details of the properties or experience which they really look for. Our script contains an amenities based filter option to get refined search results. RentALL provides advanced search filters that help the user in discovering the preferred listing at a much faster time. You can filter listings based on facilities, amenities needed, and rooms and beds.

The map will show the property list which is available on that particular location. It helps the users to simply identify the property from the map.

7. Cancellation Policy

Guests will be able to cancel the booking made by him/her based on the cancellation policy mentioned by the host. The guest will get a refund amount based on the host’s cancellation policy.

8. Message

A guest can communicate with the host through the internal messaging system such as Contact host, Telling about the trip during the request to book regarding their booking and staying. A host can offer a very comfortable stay by knowing the guests.

9. Multi-Language and Multi-Currency

People from anywhere in the globe can book their stay using RentALL. This vacation rental script supports multi-language and multi-currency features to provide a hassle-free booking experience. Ratings and Review System If you're one among them who is looking for a full-fledged rental platform to set foot in the rental industry, then choosing a RentALL is a viable option.

10. Seasonal Pricing Calendar

The host panel is equipped with a seasonal price setting in which a seasonal price can be set for guests and total price calculation can also be done flawlessly in its addition at our rental script. This feature in RentALL helps increase the bookings and also increase the profit.

11. iCal Integration – Export & Import

The host can sync their calendar to other external calendars and import them. This helps the host to quickly access the booking details from any device.

12. Content Management System (CMS)

Easily accessible Content management system helps admin to update their listing description and also photos without hassle. This CMS feature helps to format and update the content swiftly. It also makes the readability facile for the user.

13. OneFin + Stripe Connect + PayPal + Paylater

We have integrated OneFin, Stripe, Paypal for fast payment and can help you increase customer conversion in your marketplace. Besides, we also provide the Paylater method to help reduce risks when using the service.

14. Wishlist

Wishlist feature enables users to save their interest, share it with their loved ones and reminds them to take action. This option in RentALL helps guests save more time. It also increases customer engagement by reducing the customer churn rate.

15. Multiple Homepage Layouts

RentALL assists with multiple landing page formats like a detailed search bar, Image slider, and banner content. RentALL helps in grabbing user attraction and increases brand recognition.

This enables the admin to display popular locations on the Homepage. Admin can manage the desired locations and destinations. This feature in RentALL allows guests to fast access to listings from the popular locations.

17. Access Inquiry Request

RentALL provides an “Instant book and Request to book” options. Instant book option allows the users to book immediately and the booking will be auto-approved. Request to book option allows the users to send a booking request to the host and the user has to wait for them to either accept or decline their request.

18. Reviews Auditing

Monitor, edit, and delete spam reviews using review management in a rental script system. At the same time, keeping genuine reviews also helping in building the brand value of the marketplace

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