Switch to another language on Bizverse World

Bizverse World will use the same language settings as your headset. If you need to change to another language after already installing Bizverse World, the steps to do it currently varies for each device.


Oculus currently requires a factory reset, then a fresh install of Bizverse World and all your other apps:

  1. Perform a factory reset either through the Oculus app or by holding down the power and volume (-) on your headset until the startup screen shows up.

  2. Choose the factory reset option.

  3. Choose the language you want to use when prompted.

  4. Reinstall Bizverse World from the store. See Install Bizverse World for more information.

Vive Focus

  1. Go to your settings panel by clicking the cogwheel button in the mini-tray.

  2. Choose Languages and select the language you want to switch to.

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