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When a Grow participant reaches the necessary amount of BIVEs and satisfies the requirements, they will be entered into a drawing for attractive Bizverse gifts.

Getting started

Step 1: Login to Bizverse World
Step 2: At Home screen, select My Wallets > Grow > Rewards
Step 3: The screen shows 3 categories:
  1. 1.
    Prize draws: show the list of active rewards.
There are three states of a reward:
  • Available: you can register for the draw and have chance to win the reward
  • Joined: you already registered for the draw and is waiting for the result
  • Unavailable: you are not eligible to register for a draw to win this reward.
2. Coming Soon: displays a list of upcoming rewards.
3. Happened: show the list of rewards that have been taken place.
Step 4: Click on the Available tab to see the details of rewards.
Step 5: Click “Enter reward” button and then confirm the entry and email address.
Step 6: Click “Confirm” to finish.