In BIZVERSE virtual reality world, users can earn money and this monetization will work through the VRA virtual asset-based point mechanism. BIZVERSE has a Blockchain Wallet system to store digital assets, and users can buy, sell, give and donate these assets to others on a peer-to-peer agreement mechanism. These digital assets are converted into tokens of value through BIZVERSE's BIVE currency. The following article will provide detailed information about Wallet System in BIZVERSE.

BIZVERSE has the main wallet which is Funding Wallet. This is an On-chain wallet used to synchronize BIVE and VRA On-chain balances from the linked wallet in the social account. Users can withdraw VRA from other wallets to Funding Wallet.

BIZVERSE is a platform with many component applications, corresponding to each application that will have an accompanying wallet.

Social Wallet:

This wallet is used to store VRA that users earn from activities on Social networks (create a new post, like, comment, share, affiliates...). Users can withdraw VRA from Social Wallet to Funding Wallet.

Game Wallet:

This is a wallet containing VRA that users earn while playing games at the Game Center. Users can deposit/withdraw VRA from Funding Wallet.

Gift Wallet:

This wallet contains the VRA that the user received from BizGift. Users can withdraw VRA to Funding Wallet.

E-commerce Wallet:

This wallet is used to contain VRA, for transactions and exchanges on BIZVERSE E-commerce. Users can deposit/withdraw VRA from Funding Wallet.

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