After logging into the Bizverse app, players click Earn at the bottom of the screen to start with the Gift Game. In the Bizverse Gift section, click Play Now to get started.

Gift Hunting

Within a radius of 30 kilometers, players will see gifts. However, at this time, the system does not allow players to collect those gifts. If the player clicks on the gift, the system will display a message "You are at the far gift, please come closer to collect."

Within a radius of 5 meters to 10 meters, players can collect gifts that appear. When the player clicks on the gift, the system will automatically turn on the AR tool. At this point, the player needs to move the phone to find the specific location of the gift.

When a gift model appears, the player double-clicks on the model, the system will check if there is a gift.

  • If there are gifts left: the player collects that gift. When clicking on the gift, the system asks the player to check-in before receiving the gift—Check-in time within one day.

  • If there are no gifts left: the system notification to the player that the gift has run out.

Gift Manager

The collected gifts will appear at My Gift. These gifts will be divided into three categories. Each type has a different usage:

  • NFTs: saved in My Inventory on MarketPlace. NFTs are used for trading at MarketPlace.

  • VRA: saved in Game Wallet. VRA is a form of digital asset used internally within the BIZVERSE ecosystem. Players can use VRA to perform exchange operations in the Bizverse system.

  • Gift Card: saved in My Gift. Gift cards are used to scan and exchange rewards directly at the business. Players can also use gift cards to give to their friends.

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