Bizverse Voting is a feature that allows users to vote for important contents/policies of Bizverse. Consequently, the benefit of Bizverse users is maximized, and towards a comprehensive Bizverse DAO system.


Users must join Grow with a minimum of BIVE X (X config) of the 12-month package to participate in Bizverse Vote. At the same time, it must satisfy the requirement of becoming User Pro (from Gold level or higher).

There will be standards based on the importance of the topic to be voted on.

Scores Vote

Is the number of points to participate in the Vote.

User will get VOTE points for the amount of BIVEs staking in the Grow 12-month package. (Bizverse will select the rate.) The relevant amount of points will be subtracted for each Vote package.

Keep track of the Vote score:

  • Step 1: Login to Bizverse World

  • Step 2: Click on Wallet => Staking and select Vote tab. You can see the number of voting points available.

Grow to get more Vote

Step 1: Login to Bizverse World

Step 2: Click on My Wallets => Grow (Staking BIVE) and select Grow tab

Step 3: Choose a Grow package

Step 4: Enter the amount of BIVE you want to Grow, tick the Terms and click Continue

Step 5: Sign the wallet;

Step 6: The system will show a notice that Grow is successful and the number of Votong points was added.

How to join Voting

Step 1: Login to Bizverse World

Step 2: Click Wallet => Grow and select Vote tab

Step 3: Click on an event to see detailed information to be voted

Step 4: Click “Yes” to agree with the Vote content.


Users will receive rewards if the content they voted for is selected.

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