Keyboard shortcuts

Even though it’s not a considerable effort having to move our hands from the keyboard to the mouse, if there is a keyboard shortcut that you can use, it’s welcome.

Default Keyboard Shortcuts for Bizverse Video Meet

  • F - Show or hide video thumbnails

  • M - Mute or unmute your microphone

  • V - Start or stop your camera

  • A - Manage video quality

  • C - Open or close the chat

  • D - Switch between camera and screen sharing

  • P - Show or hide the participants pane

  • R - Raise or lower your hand

  • S - View or exit full screen

  • W - Toggle tile view

  • ? - Show or hide keyboard shortcuts

  • SPACE - Push to talk

  • T - Show speaker stats

  • 0 - Focus on your video

  • 1-9 - Focus on another person's video

Memorizing all the keyboard shortcuts can be difficult, but you can start with the ones you will use the most. Once you have those learned, you can move on to others.

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