The function allows users get vrLand in Bizverse real World.
Step 1: Users access and log in to Bizverse World to perform the 'Get vrLand'.
Step 2: At the Home page of Bizverse World - pop-up guideline will appear:
  • Click on 'My Location' to move to your current location to draw and claim a vrLand.
My Location
  • Search for the location you want to draw the vrLand.
Search and Directions
Step 3: The system appears popup guide the user about the 'Get vrLand' implementation toolkit.
Draw a polygon
Land information
Step 4: User click button "Get vrLand"
function, then select the "Draw a polygon"
drawing tool, now you can use the mouse to click directly on the map to draw convex polygons at the desired location.
Step 5: After drawing, the user double-clicks the left mouse button to complete, then clicks on the 'Recommend'
button and fills in the information to 'Get vrLand'.
For personal
For Business
Step 6: After filling in the information, the user clicks the 'Send' button. The request will be reviewed and approved by Bizverse within 72 hours. Users can manage their requirements by accessing the “My business” function and then selecting “Business Management”.
Manage request to get vrLand
  • If the request has been approved: the user will receive a notification mail 'Approved and access to Bizverse World to Claim (both link and instructions)', and the 'Recommend' status in the user's management section will change to the 'Approved'.
  • If the request has been rejected: the user will receive a 'Rejected' Mail with the reason for the refusal, and the 'Recommend' status in the user's management will change to the 'Rejected' status.
Step 7: User clicks on the link sent in Email or accesses Bizverse World, selects 'My Assets' function, selects 'vrLands' and clicks on approved vrLand. At this time, a vrLand detailed information popup will appear, the user clicks on the Claim button to claim vrLand.
vrLand details
  • If the user has previously completed KYC Profile => Make Claim vrLand to the inventory.
Claim vrLand
  • If the user has not KYC profile, request verification before claiming (The KYC Profile request will be approved by the administrator within 72 hours. After the KYC Profile has been approved, the user will be able to make a claim on vrLand).
KYC Profile
You must provide enough information for the administrator to have a basis for comparison and your personal information will be synchronized on both Bizverse World and Social.
  • First name: Your first name.
  • Last name: Your last name.
  • Country: Your country of residence.
  • Gender: Select your gender, including Male, Female, or Other.
  • Date of birth: Your date of birth.
  • Message: The content of the user's message attached to verify information (If any).
  • ID type: Select an available ID type in the system, including: Identity Document, Passport, Driving License.
  • ID no: Your Identity Document/ Passport/ Driving License number.
  • Upload files: Upload a front and reverse image of the respective ID type and a portrait of the user.
  • Select the function button “Send” to submit form. Select the function button
    to cancel the action.
Note that:
  • If a dispute arises, vrLand may be revoked.
  • If the drawing position for “Get vrLand” is the same as one that has already been drawn, it will be rejected (unless there is sufficient proof of the land use right, business contract, …).
  • Users should perform KYC in order to claim vrLand. KYC in order to claim vrLand will allow users to receive all of the features associated with that vrLand (support for both place ads for profit). If users do not complete KYC to claim vrLand, the system will only allow them to build a Home and create Metaverse Space.