To access rentall, guests must have an account in Bizverse social and follow the steps below:

  1. Enter this URL in the browser you will get the RentALL home page.

  2. Click on the Login button available on the header When Login with Bizverse social then the guest will be directed to the Bizverse login page where the guest needs to enter his/her Bizverse login credentials.

  3. After successful login, guests will be directed to RentALL's Home page

Home Page

Now the guest can search for Unique Rented properties by entering their Activity and desired Location in the search form available in the Home Page.

RentALL also recommends some of the top rental properties in the Home page Section which is set by the admin.

Most Viewed

RentAll provides most viewed properties in the home page which are based on the viewership counts to help the guest view the popular rental properties.

Guests can select his/her desired location by clicking on the Locations available on the “Popular Locations” section available on the home page.

Search Page

In RentALL finding a Place is so simple. The guest needs to fill in his Where (location), When ( check-in and check out), Guest Count (count) on the search form available on the homepage. RentALL search engine will fetch all the Rented Properties available within the guest mentioned criteria and will display the results on the search page. Now the guest can choose the property just by clicking on the Search.

RentALL also provides the option of “Search as I move the map”, this feature helps the guest to explore many properties across the map and which helps him to get the overview of the pricing and properties available over the regions.

If the guest feels that a particular property suits his need and he wants to know more details then he can select that listing and RentALL automatically takes him to the view listing page and the guest will be able to explore the listing.

Listing Detail Page

After the selection of the property, we will get the listing details page. In this page, the guest can see all the Properties (Listing) information listed by the host.

About this listing - This will give a detailed idea and description of the rental property.

Overview this Listing- Guests can view the hotel's location on Bizverse World and experience the hotel's space in advance by using Vr360.

The Place - Place will have all the details such as the accommodates, bedrooms, bathrooms, property type, check-in, and room type.

Beds and Shared Places - The number of Beds and Shared Places available for the guest will be listed.

Safety Features - Safety features such as Safety card, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector etc provided by the listing will be mentioned.

Availability - Availability will have a calendar showing up and we will be able to select the desired dates for the check-in and check out. Blocked dates will not be available for the booking. After the selection of check-in and check-out dates in the calendar, we will be able to see the calculations with numerical details of dates with a selection of guests and a request to book or instant booking can be seen in the Booking Sticky.

Reviews - Reviews can be updated after 24 hours of checkout from the guest side. You will be able to see both the guest review and RentALL review which helps the guest to get an idea about the place and how it’s going to be up there.


Each listing and reservation on the site will clearly state the cancellation policy. Guests while viewing their travel plans can review any penalties and also cancel by clicking ‘Cancel’ on the respective reservation.

Flexible: Full refund 1 day prior to arrival, Before 24 hours the first night is non-refundable, leaves early ( night not spent after 24hrs of cancellation is refundable).

Moderate: Full refund 5 days prior to arrival, less than 5 days the first night is non-refundable but 50% of the other night’s accommodation is refundable.

Leaves early: (50% accommodation fees for the night not spent after 24hrs of official cancellation is refundable).

Strict: 50% refund up until 1 week prior to arrival, no refund for cancellation less than one week and leaving early.




Neighborhood and Similar Listings

Covering up the environment that is a neighborhood so that the guest can get an overview of the location, nature as well and also listing out the more similar places which are matchable to the properties that the guest is viewing.

Guests will be able to see the host who has listed the listing ( Property) for rent.


RentALL provides an “Instant book and Request to book” options. Instant book option allows the users to book immediately and the booking will be auto-approved. Request to book option allows the users to send a booking request to the host and the user has to wait for them to either accept or decline their request.

Types of Booking in RentALL:





Current Booking with payment. This allows the guest to book the listing instantly without waiting for the host approval.


Payment is done and there can be approval or denial from the host. If the guest books “Request to Book” over the rented properties then the guest needs to wait for the host approval. Even though this is a “Request to Book” type of booking the guest needs to pay the full amount to the platform.

Once the booking is done the host will be notified through the message and a 24hr timer will be displayed in the inbox indicating the host that he/she needs to respond within 24 hours of the booking request.

If the host fails to respond within 24 hours of the booking then RentALL Platform considers the booking request status as expired and will send the notification to the guest and host via email and in the inbox. In this case, the guest will be fully refunded and the guest will be notified for the same.

If the Host accepts the booking request within the time slot (24hrs) then RentALL will consider it a successful booking and notify the same to both the guest and the host.


Contacting the host who has posted the listing for the booking. We have to click on Contact host (select date, guests, send a message) and the host will reply about the booking details. (Host can approve or deny our request). Payment is done only when the host accepts.


If the guest is satisfied with a particular listing and figured that the listing is available on the dates he is looking for then the guest can follow the below steps:

  1. The guest should choose his desired check-in and check-out date in the calendar and select the number of guests in the booking sticker. The price breakdown will be displayed down.

  2. Now select the Book/Request to Book button available on the view listing booking panel to move on to the Payment summary page.

3. It's mandatory to tell the host about the trip and expectations that the guest is bringing before proceeding with the payment process. (Required Field)

4. RentALL has integrated OneFin, Stripe, Paypal for fast payment and can help you increase customer conversion in your marketplace. Besides, we also provide the Paylater method to help reduce risks when using the service.

5. Once payment is completed the guest will be directed to the itinerary where he can see the trip details

6. For more information regarding the trip, the guest can view the Receipt by clicking on the “View receipt” button available in the itinerary

7. The guest can see the Trip booking details by clicking on Your Trips - upcoming trips. To see the finished trips, guests can click on the previous trip. Here the guest can view the status of their booking, View message history, View message, Cancel (only when the booking is confirmed).

You can check out the detailed video here


Guests can view their upcoming and previous trips here

Customers can cancel reservations, make payments, view invoices and messages here

Upcoming Reservations:

Previous Reservations:


Wishlist feature enables users to save their interest, share it with their loved ones and reminds them to take action. This option in RentALL helps guests save more time. It also increases customer engagement by reducing the customer churn rate.

User can add rooms in the system to wishlist by following steps:

  1. Click on the corresponding heart icon in the rooms

2. Name the corresponding wishlist


A guest can communicate with the host through the internal messaging system such as Contact host, Telling about the trip during the request to book regarding their booking and staying. A host can offer a very comfortable stay by knowing the guests.

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