The header contains the following information:

  • Bizverse Logo: Click Logo to return to Home screen (in case you are on other detail pages)

  • Search Bar: Search by NFT ID or Name.

  • Create a collection: Create a new collection

  • Create NFT: Create New NFT

  • NFT design proposal: NFT design proposal (fill in the information form)

  • Account information (in case you are not logged in, there will be a Login button): display Username and menu bar:

  1. Wallet address: show your wallet address information. Click on the wallet address to copy.

  2. Account information: Click on it to open a new tab on the information page

  3. Inventory: Click on it to open a wallet containing all the NFTs you own

  4. Claim: Click on it to open the Claim page (claim pending balance)

  5. Activity: Click on this function to see all his transaction history

  6. Dark mode: Turn on/off toggle Dark Mode

  7. Help and support: Click on this page to open a new tab and go to Bizverse's Help and support page

  8. Sign out: Click the button to post

Banner section contains images and text. At the same time, there are 2 buttons: Explore (switch down to the list of NFTs - Recent NFTs); Create (goes to the screen to create a new NFT)

NFTs are displayed by Category, making it easy for users to search for NFTs, including: All, vrLands, vrHomes, vrMalls/ Expos, Entertainment, Tourism, Collection, Digital Human, VRSpace, 3D/VR/AR NFT, vrUtility, vrPanos/ vrBanners. The user uses the Scroll bar to see the entire Category list (in case the small Screen cannot show all the Categories on the screen).

All the items are sorted by type. Consists of:

  • Recent NFTs: the most recently listed NFTs

  • Trending NFTs: NFTs are trending (NFTs are bought by many people and added to Favorites)

  • Popular Categories

  • Top Collection: Top Collections (contain hot NTTs, bought by many people and added to Favorites)

  • Recent Sold: recently sold NFTs

List of items that allow users to follow:

  • Status: Highest Price, Lowest Price

  • Currency: Bive, VRA, USDT, ETH

  • Button Create: Click on the button to create a new NFT

  • View mode: view list item vertically or view list item horizontally.

In addition to the list of NFTs by category, the home page also contains step-by-step instructions for User Create & Sell NFT.

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